Episode 8: Lead for Special Projects and Campaigns with Physical & Health Education Canada, Ryan Fahey

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Show Notes:

In this episode of the Student Fitness Expert Podcast, Karen Gilbert, alongside her co-host, Farah Zweig, interviewed an Expert & Leader in School Wellness and Physical Education, Ryan Fahey.

Ryan enlightens the listeners by giving a useful insight into what the notions of Physical Literacy and Comprehensive School Health pertain to and how they can be incorporated in Physical Education in Schools. With the help of his diverse working experience in education, sports, and health sectors in different parts of the world, Ryan explains how to implement Physical Literacy in Physical Education, especially during the pandemic when schools resume this fall.

About the Guest:

By profession, Ryan Fahey is an Expert & Leader in School Wellness and Physical Education. He’s currently employed at the Physical & Health Education (PHE) Canada, where he serves as the Lead, Special Projects & Campaigns. At the PHE, his role is to bring together a team to incubate and mobilize special projects. It’s been two years since he joined the PHE. Apart from this, Ryan has also authored two books. As a child, Ryan struggled with frequent episodes of migraine. After becoming a part of a study concerning what caused migraine, sponsored by the Dalhousie University Canada, he unraveled that staying physically active kept his pain at bay. And since then, he has led a different life.


  • [04:21] Who’s Ryan Fahey, and what’s his story?
  • [13:49] With respect to Ryan’s experience, how does Physical Education vary in different parts of the world?
  • [16:57] How did Ryan end up in the Middle East from a small part of Canada?
  • [20:43] What is Physical Literacy and Comprehensive School Health, and how do they get incorporated in Physical Education?
  • [35:01] Advice on how to implement Physical Literacy in Physical Education
  • [38:49] What does being fearless mean to Ryan?
  • [44:05] Find Ryan on the internet


“Physical Literacy is a by-product of good Physical Education.”

“Physical Literacy is preparing our bodies to move with confidence and competence in a wide variety of settings.”

“Comprehensive School Health is an evidence-based model and a holistic approach to the school environment.”

“Innovation can happen, and creativity can happen if people are fearless.”

“Sometimes, we need to be challenged to put into the position of discomfort in order to really find our strengths.”

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Thought Leadership Book: https://www.faheyconsulting.org/product-page/thought-leadership-ebook-1
  2. Your Best Decade Book:


Connect with Ryan:

Website: https://www.faheyconsulting.org/

Email: ryanfahey@phecanada.ca 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wellnessrf

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faheyconsulting

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-fahey-84642b56

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