Schools / Organizations

We are experts in working with students in any environment and group size. Whether you have a program in mind or are looking for us to custom create something, we always have the best interest of the students at heart.

Our programs integrates our MAX methodology which incorporates a 360 degree approach to fitness. Students will enjoy a unique workout experience along with gaining leadership skills, confidence and access to fitness mentors.

With the needs of each student in mind, we provide custom programming!

– Bring us your concept or choose from our our menu of options that can be transformed to meet the needs of your institution. Space is not an issue.

– Inside/outside, small/big, or anything in between, students receive all of the skills they need.

– Choose from one day workshops to multi-week series of classes.

How it works for Schools & Organizations:

  • Tell Us

    Provide us with a few details:
    – age group
    – approximate number of students
    – environment that we have to work with

  • Get Suggestions

    We’ll send you some suggestions on offered programs, custom tailored to your school/organization.

  • Start The Program

    Choose the best program for your organization and we will provide you with all of the materials needed to market it most-effectively to your students.

All coaches are trained by our founders and bring professionalism, mentorship and fun to the students. SFE brings all the equipment required for the programs unless otherwise provided by the institution.

Our coaches are all trained by us and have a passion for working specifically with students. Unlike most other programs, our coaches stay connected with students even after the workout is over. Our coaches will check in with you throughout the week and offer suggestions to help keep you on track and motivated in between each session.


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