Episode 30: What Does Fearless Mean To You?

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No matter how successful you are or whatever success means to you, you can always benefit from a mentor- learning and growing, there’s always so much more to do.”

The Student Fitness Experts podcast is an intentional venture that aims to create a playful movement to help students grow up with inner confidence and self-awareness and a healthy body and mind.

Fearless is a term we use in this podcast a lot – it’s one of our favorite things to ask our guests! From being fearless in the face of failures to being fearless in the face of great obstacles, there is nothing like that feeling. But what does being fearless mean to us? In this episode, Farah and Karen share their ideas on being fearless. They discuss ways by which they train themselves and their kids to face any obstacle that comes their way. We also learn to develop self-love and use it as a powerful means to overcome fear that surrounds new opportunities or situations in life.

Tune in to the episode today to learn how to help your kids face challenges fearlessly and set them up for ultimate success!


  • [01:42] Farah’s thoughts on fearlessness
  • [05:29] How does self-love help us face the most challenging situations?
  • [06:40] Changing your mindset to always look for opportunities
  • [07:38] What you get from being fearless
  • [08:13] Focussing on what you want
  • [08:55] Understanding fearlessness
  • [12:48] Building tough skin and what fearlessness means to Karen
  • [18:17] Why to make a decision, move forward and feel good about it


It’s not about fear or being scared, angry, fearless, brave, strong, it’s about the feeling of self-love that keeps us moving forward on the perspective that you can always find a way to do so”

“If we want to constantly see the world as a place of struggle with no alternative, then that’s what we’re going to see. But if we want to look at the same world as a constant place of opportunity, that may involve struggle, then we’re always looking for solutions.”

And oftentimes, I think we even surprise ourselves with the capacity we discover; we have to grow and to continue to become our best selves.”

“Every time that you do it, it’s going to be just a little bit easier because you’re going to remember that oh, I did this before and whether or not it went well you’re gonna remember the feeling that you experience or that feeling of perseverance and grit. And that is going to carry you on, moving you forward.”

“My theory on regrets is that you do the best with the information you have at the time.”

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