Episode 28: Why is Mentorship SO Important

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No matter how successful you are or whatever success means to you, you can always benefit from a mentor- learning and growing, there’s always so much more to do.”

The Student Fitness Experts podcast is an intentional venture that aims to create a playful movement to help students grow up with inner confidence and self-awareness and a healthy body and mind.  

Having a mentor in the early stages of your child’s adolescence could phenomenally help their overall development. That is why in today’s episode, Farah and Karen speak about the importance of a mentor or guide for children. Considering every child is unique and has different social, behavioral, and cognitive abilities, they require unique mentors to support them in their various stages. We also see through the advancements that have happened in the fitness world since the early 2000s. Women trainers of the past weren’t as approachable as they are today. Attitudes and ways of connecting have significantly changed for the better, and there are plenty of genuine mentors available in the field of fitness now!

Tune in to the episode today to learn the role of mentors in your child’s life and set them up for ultimate success!


  • [01:07] Farah talks about the importance of having a mentor in middle school
  • [05:54] Farah shares the story of how her PE teacher and tennis coach instilled in her values like sportsmanship and team spirit
  • [09:15] Key elements of being a mentor
  • [10:42] How the world of fitness training evolved from the early 2000
  • [13:02] Why do we say that the mentor needs and expectations of each child are different?


There’s research to show that middle school is when kids really need to have an adult in their life, who they can talk to, and they can feel safe with, who’s not a parent.”

“My favorite thing to say is how my eighth grade PE teacher said in my yearbook, 80% of life is going to be about being on time and being dressed appropriately.”

No matter how successful you are, whatever success means to you, you can always benefit from a mentor- learning and growing, there’s always so much more to do.”

“It’s cool to see how mentorship can go in so many different ways… how we can as peers  provide mentorship to our friends even just on a daily basis.”

“I love that we also provide our coaches with all that support to understand the different social, emotional, cognitive and behavioral differences that can take place between the ages.”

It’s just a constant reminder to us as well to believe in myself, and remember why we’re doing this. Because I wish I had that as a kid and knowing how much fitness and strength from the inside out, impacted me at different junctures in life.”

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