Episode 27: Stress Vs Stressor & What they do to us

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“No matter what struggle or challenge that we’re going through, we will come out stronger on the other side.”

The Student Fitness Experts podcast is a very intentional venture that aims to create a playful movement to help students grow up with inner confidence and self-awareness and a healthy body and mind. 

In today’s episode, Karen and Farah talk about stress and break down the various coping strategies for stress. While we as adults struggle to deal with everyday anxiety and express our concerns circling the same, we fail to notice that kids could experience the same. The environment they are brought up around, the adults surrounding them, and other external and internal factors affect how children deal with stress. We learn today how to build resilience and self-regulation to battle our way out in difficult times and guide our children through the same.

Tune in to learn to stay present at the moment and help set your child for ultimate success!


  • [00:42]  Learn the four types of stress- situational, encounter, time, and anticipatory. 
  • [03:47]  Karen talks about her experience unknowingly internalizing stress
  • [07:23]  How can you give your kids the space to try out new things?
  • [09:42]  Getting your kids to feel comfortable around you
  • [10:55]   How do you make your kids understand that all of their feelings are important?
  • [13:07]  The importance of self-regulation and how to develop that


If you’re talking about anticipatory stress, they’re being concerned about things that may or may not happen in the future. They[kids] are worried about tests, they’re worried about social issues.

Even with older kids, sometimes it’s just a nice way to get it out of you, the stomping the kinesthetic motion of stomping, and trying to get that negative energy out of you.

“We’re training coaches to help kids understand [stress] so they have these tools to pull from as they become more and more self aware.”

“No matter what struggle or challenge that we’re going through, we will come out stronger on the other side.”

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