Episode 26: Cosmic Wisdom Coaching | Teen Specialist , Robin Wald”

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“It’s okay to fail, you’re learning. It’s not about perfectionism, it’s about bringing joyfulness to it.”

The Student Fitness Experts podcast is an intentional venture that aims to create a playful movement to help students grow up with inner confidence and self-awareness and a healthy body and mind.  

In an enlightening conversation today, meet Robin Wald, an expert coach, teacher, and educator. Robin walks us through her fulfilling life journey into becoming a certified wellness coach for children and explaining her lessons. We learn new ways to impart courage in children to express and accept their vulnerabilities in life. Have you known how children internalize the different messages they receive from their parents and society? Do you want to see how you can help them out of unwanted pressure and self-imposed stress? Then this episode is for you!

Tune in to find out how to better connect with preteens and teens to become the trusted adults in their life.

About the Guest:

Robin Wald is an associate certified coach through the international coaching federation. Also a professional astrologer, certified yoga and meditation teacher, Robin is passionate about mysticism and spiritual wisdom, and is an adult and teen Jewish educator and intuitive tarot reader. Robin has created a niche for herself today in connecting with teens and preteens around their wellness.

Time Stamps: 

  • [00:04] About Robin Wald
  • [02:58] Robin talks about motherhood and her experience learning about children
  • [06:30] Robin explains the mixed messages children receive from their parents, school, society and culture
  • [07:17] Robin explains how children often compare and despair about their self worth 
  • [09:55] Robin talks about her Jewish wisdom program, Rosh Chodesh
  • [12:09] Robin’s advice to new coaches 
  • [20:19] Robin emphasizes the importance of Love in enriching relationships
  • [22:30] Learning to be playful with children
  • [28:01] How you should deal with children of different age groups 
  • [31:29] Robin shares the traits she learned from her mentors 
  • [39:36] Robin shares her experience working with different students 
  • [41:43] What does being fearless mean to Robin?
  • [43:55] Connect with Robin


Parenting is the most challenging work we can do, but also the most rewarding.”

Anybody who works with kids, it’s not about power, it’s not about I’m going to show you or tell you. It’s really because you love and enjoy what children bring in, who they are and what they have to teach you.”

“It’s never just about physical fitness, it’s never just about leading meditation, it’s about bringing kids closer to values, you know, that are healthy, that are going to serve them in their growth through high school and into adulthood.”

My first advice to any coach is to really meet the individual, as he or she or they are, it’s not about molding them into anything you think they should be, it’s just like, let teens authentically show up as themselves and reveal themselves to you without any judgment.”

We have this overlay of everything’s got to be building towards something else and you have to be mastering something, everything doesn’t have to be competitive, things can be fun, just for the sake of fun.”

“It’s okay to fail, you’re learning, it’s not about perfectionism, it’s about bringing joyfulness to it.”

Connect with Robin: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/robin-wald/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robinwaldcosmicwisdom/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robinwaldcosmicwisdom/

Website: https://robinwald.com/about

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