Episode 25 What Fitness For the whole Child Actually Mean?

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“Leaving in the space and the opportunity to try everything so that they can learn what works for them is definitely what they’re going to need.”

The Student Fitness Experts podcast is an intentional venture that aims to create a playful movement to help students grow up with inner confidence and self-awareness and a healthy body and mind. 

In today’s episode, Karen and Farah break down the concept of the whole child and talk about the importance of social-emotional learning in children. Karen and Farah discuss why they believe that every feeling is a good feeling and how it always teaches us something new. We also discuss connecting with your children at their different ages and helping them validate and control their emotions. By giving your children the space to dig into newer emotions and opportunities, you can help discover for themselves what they want to make out of their lives.

Tune in to how you can nourish your relationship with your children at all ages and set them up for ultimate success!


  • [01:44] Farah talks about validating your feelings
  • [02:46] How to give your children the permission to feel what they are feeling at any point of time
  • [04:59] How do we offer the rhythms, strategies, skills and techniques to move children from the lower part of their brain to have rational conversations with them?
  • [07:22] How do we talk to children at their different ages?
  • [09:37] Toddlers getting stuck in an emotional loop
  • [15:21] Making your child feel they have control over their emotions
  • [17:20] Teaching your kids how to adjust and be understanding 
  • [18:50] Talking empowerment
  • [22:23] Processing the number of thoughts that go through your brain every day
  • [26:23] Giving your child the space to learn new things


If we can change our perspective, if we can think about what that child might be going through, then we can offer them strategies that they can come down with and then, we can come up with the solution. And that’s really what the goal is, of whole child.”

And sometimes I don’t know what I’m feeling. So if I don’t know what I’m feeling or I’m trying to, like, break it down, how do we expect kids who don’t have as much self awareness to do that.

“It’s not necessarily ever going to be the same exact thing that’s going to work.”

“Because as soon as they know that they are in control of their body of their thoughts of their emotions, and they can start to be a little bit more logical and thoughtful and say, Okay, what do I need to do right now, okay, I just need to breathe, okay, I can handle that.”

“We get to feel empowered as the adults in their lives to teach and educate and support and mentor these children to get an understanding of how they feel.”

“Leaving in the space and the opportunity to try everything so that they can learn what works for them is definitely what they’re going to need.”

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