Episode 20: Educator, Coach & An Advocate, Akaylah Jaeke

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Educator, Coach & An Advocate, Akaylah Jaeke

One of the goals that we really wanted to do with this certification is to be able to give people the skills so that they can go and be successful.”

The purpose of the Student Fitness Experts Podcast series is to empower and educate anyone that works with kids in a way that benefits the whole child to become successful, strong, and empowered young adults.

This is a special episode of the SFE podcast. For a pleasant twist, we have our guest interviewing us today! In this episode, we are joined by Akaylah Jaeke, who helps us put forward a really impactful conversation, dissecting our brains to make our mission as Student Fitness Experts clearer. We talk about our upcoming certification program, what it is about, who it is for, and how you can benefit from it. Many children haven’t been exposed to the right activity or person to really connect with for their fitness and physical wellness. A big part of what has gone into our coach training program is helping coaches get to know themselves and their mission statement better and hone in on their skills. 

Tune in and learn all about our mission and vision and see how it can help us connect with you better!

About the Guest:

Akaylah Jaeke is an educator, coach, and an advocate. She is a faculty member at Madison College with over a decade of experience in the Fitness, Recreation, and Wellness industry. She is an ACE Subject Matter Expert and holds all four ACE certifications including: Medical Exercise Specialist, Personal Training, Health Coaching, and Group Fitness. She holds a BS in Exercise Physiology and a MA in Health and Human Performance. She also serves as the College and University Ambassador for The Women in Fitness Association. With more than a decade of experience in fitness, recreation and wellness Akaylah openly converses about educating future leaders in the industry, and helping others reach their full potential.


  • [03:42] Karen talks about their journey as Student Fitness Experts
  • [06:16] Farah talks about her journey as a Student Fitness Expert
  • [16:12] Key elements of the certification
  • [22:02] Talking body positivity
  • [25:46] Who the certification is for
  • [28:57] The benefits of the certification
  • [31:34] Talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement
  • [33:08] Where you can find the program and free resources
  • [35:49] A childhood memory that Akaylah remembers that played a big part in her adult fitness life
  • [38:55] What fearlessness means to Akaylah


Many kids are, like, they’re looking for mentors for role models, and, you know, this is even, like, pre-pandemic right years ago, but now with the pandemic, even more so like, kids are looking for a connection.”

Compassionate communication offers you the opportunity to notice your needs, they’re not being that.”

I am in the fitness and wellness field is because I want to play for life and I want my children to be able to play for life and not only physically but I want them to have those transferable skills for emotional, social, all the things.”

One of the goals that we really wanted to do with this certification is to be able to give people the skills so that they can go and be successful.”

I had a great coach in high school that taught me that being strong as a woman was awesome. ”

Aligning with my values has always been something that I focused on. Because I just think as I said, it makes decisions easier. And you feel confident about making those decisions. And I like to think I’m a better human being for it.”

Connect with Akaylah :

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akaylahjaeke/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZFZsTXm9SjaatW7GNCzvBA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akaylahjaeke/?hl=en

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