Episode 17: Founder of KidTribe and Executive Director of Kiducational, Kellee McQuinn

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Kellee McQuinn Show Notes

I’m a vessel. And I’m a translator, and I’m the best part of myself with kids.

The purpose of the Student Fitness Experts Podcast series is to empower and educate anyone that works with kids, in a way that benefits the whole child to become successful, strong, and empowered young adults.

Have you ever thought about adapting yourself to suit your kids’ nature, or bringing them to learn in a language that fits them the best? If yes, then you’re in for a treat today! Join Karen Gilbert and Farah Zweig today as they interview Kellee McQuinn (the Pied Piper with a Boom Box!), Children’s Entertainment Content Creator: Producer, Director, Writer, Lyricist, Choreographer, Curriculum Author and influencer. Listen in, as Kellee discusses her heartful journey impacting and shaping kids to create things for them that she wished she’d received when she was their age, also throwing light on the need to include and translate yourself to mould to their levels of understanding. Also in store is Kellee’s anecdotes on the remarkable stage shows at the White House Easter Egg Roll throughout the entire Obama administration. The episode is a worthy listening for anybody requiring to transform their goals to making it a lifestyle!

Tune in to revolutionize your kids’ learning methods and know how you can learn from them while also setting them up for ultimate success!

About the Guest:

Kellee McQuinn is the Founder, Executive Producer and Master Trainer at KidTribe- an organization that aims at creating positive programming for children to educate, empower and entertain, and also and the executive director at Kiducational. Kellee recalls being a bullied, misunderstood weirdo kid in a dysfunctional family, and thus strives hard to connect with kids who’re different or hard-to-manage. In 2010, she received the Community Leadership Award from President Obama’s Council. She also won a Broken Glass Ceiling Award from Palm Springs Women in Film for her contributions in children’s television. She’s hip-hop-hooped with millions of kids around the world, including the White House Easter Egg Roll throughout the entire Obama administration and the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play. Also an inspiring keynote speaker, Kellee shares her uplifting stories about her dedication to the youth. Carrying a powerful aura of positivity and hopefulness, her words leave a trail of sunshine in our complicated everyday lives with children.


  • [00:09] About Kellee McQuinn, a snippet of her Journey
  • [02:01] Kellee talks about her journey
  • [12:18] About creating room for every different kid
  • [14:27] Kellee talks about inclusion and inclusivity
  • [19:54] Kellee talks about removing the awkwardness factor out of kids
  • [25:35] Kellee shares certain special memories with kids
  • [39:30] Get to know Kellee’s career highlights!
  • [44:00] How Kellee sees “goal-setting”
  • [45:31] On her present projects and work
  • [51:35] Kellee talks about what “fearless” means to her
  • [54:39] Kellee talks about her favourite teachers and mentors
  • [1:01:52] Closing thoughts from Kellee


It’s not about moving like me, it’s not about moving like the person next to you. But for me, it’s about the freedom within movement and how that’s where you can find yourself and lose yourself all at the same time..”

I think that finding that tool for inclusivity and invitation is really important. I’ve learned so much from the children.

I’m a vessel. And I’m a translator, and I’m the best part of myself with kids.

Every moment is a make it or break it moment.

It’s not about my agenda. It’s about the purpose. It’s about the inclusion. It’s about the seeing myself in another.

For me, I’ve gauged in my life and my career on what I call mile markers of fear. A mile marker of fear is when you’re about to do something that is so far outside of your comfort zone. ”

Connect with Kellee :

Website: https://kiducational.org/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kellee-mcquinn-0512a334

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/kidtribe/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kelleemcquinn/

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