Coach Brendan


Dance || Fitness || Artistic

“The goal is to love myself so hard That young girls and boys that look up to me see what SELF-LOVE and CONFIDENCE look like”

Keep being yourself but this time the Bolder, louder and much more confident in who you are. Don’t let others in your light. Cheer up, things get so much better!

I’ve been an athlete since I was five years old. I’ve run in the Junior Olympics and I’ve done a three-month dance job in China. I’m still a professional dancer to this day and I teach kids and adults fitness classes in different cities in Southern California!

  1. I have a huge tortoise named Dash. He just might outlive me because his life expectancy is 80 to 100 years 

Persona: A. Dance B. Fitness C. Artistic

My guilty pleasures are all-you-can-eat sushi, bbq, or buffet restaurants. I also love chocolate chip brownies and skating!