Episode 11: Host & Editor of Homeschool.com, Jamie Gaddy

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Jamie Gaddy Show Notes:

“The point of learning preferences is to be able to customise and make for your child a unique learning situation that really fits them and their needs and motivates them.”

In this episode of the Student Fitness Experts Podcast, Karen Gilbert, alongside her co-host, Farah Zweig, interviewed a Licensed Professional Counselor and editor of the website “homeschool.com”, Jamie Gaddy.

Our guest Jamie throws light on the huge positives that home-schooling offers and how children can enjoy learning whatever they love to, relaxed and unrestricted. She shares her personal experience home-schooling children and points towards the need to adapt to kids’ styles of learning. Considering the huge amount of freedom it offers, Jamie says home-schooling could be made a wonderful experience. Sharing with us her experiences teaching and learning, Jamie gets us answers to a lot of debated questions on home-schooling. She tells us about how we can stay in tune with our kids’ physical responses and make them learn in an environment that fits them the best.

Tune in to learn how you can bring out the best in your kids and set them up for ultimate success.

About the Guest:

Jamie is the host and editor of Homeschool.com and has had the privilege to be an influential member of the educational community through the development of college-level distance learning programs as well as teacher training, but her shining moments revolve around the six children she has homeschooled for over 15 years. Her decision to homeschool her kids happened after her daughter was bullied at school and did not want to go there at all. She says although her first few years into homeschooling was difficult, she found a lot of happiness and success in the profession over time.


  • [00:45] About Jamie, a snippet of her Journey
  • [01:37] Her decision to homeschool her children
  • [04:50] Integrating fitness with learning
  • [08:25] Transformation into Homeschool.com website
  • [10:50] How she has seen homeschool evolve
  • [12:44] Why keep out stress
  • [13:53] Advice to parents, teachers and coaches
  • [17:38] Adapting to kids’ individual styles
  • [24:35] Childhood experience that influenced the role fitness plays in Jamie’s life
  • [25:54] What fearlessness means to Jamie
  • [27:50] Special advice to parents amid the unprecedented situation today
  • [28:46] Jamie on homeschooling for parents who work full-time
  • [31:11] Where to contact Jamie


“If you embrace that, if you just take that freedom, that liberty that homeschooling actually provides, it really makes it such a wonderful experience.”

“My goal is to not have stress involved in it because it has an impact on children.”

“If we can be intentional as their parents and stay in tune with what they’re going through and how they’re feeling, and watch them and their physical responses, that is one of the biggest ways we can tell if our child is dealing with some anxiety, worry or stress.”

“Our children need to feel free to open their hearts to us.”

“The point of learning preferences is to be able to customise and make for your child a unique learning situation that really fits them and their needs and motivates them.”

“Being fearless is facing the tough things in life and trying to face them with grace.”

“Seize the day, understand that you can do this.”

Connect with Jamie:

Website: https://homeschool.com

E-mail:    jamie.gaddy@homeschoolconnect.com

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