Revolutionize fitness and empower youth. If you are a fitness enthusiast who loves working with students, this is the ideal program for you!

How it works for coaches:

  • Sign up

    Sign up to complete our certification – You will receive home study materials and complete an online practical and quiz.

  • Get Trained

    You will learn how to most effectively work with students of all ages.

    Training includes:

    learning fundamental fitness skills and how to instruct different age groups

    understanding various personalities and behavior types

    encouraging leadership and teamwork

  • (Get) Certified - Certification and Membership

    Your certification entitles you to a one year membership, where you will join our network of coaches and enjoy opportunities to teach and coach. The membership also provides you with curriculum, ongoing coaching and mentor support from our founders and coach network.

Our coaches are all trained by us and have a passion for working specifically with students. Unlike most other programs, our coaches stay connected with students even after the workout is over. Our coaches will check in with you throughout the week and offer suggestions to help keep you on track and motivated in between each session.


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